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To answer my blog topic question, I would have to say no based on what I deem to be worthy. Of course your answers might be different. Kool!!

That dad that walked out on the Sampson family when his lil boy was two months in the womb just because he wasn’t ready to be a father is not worthy in MY eyes (might be different in the eyes of he child tho) to be commemorated on Father’s Day. Not only did he walk out, he lived right across town and never called to see how the family was doing. He never acknowledged his own flesh and blood. He even rode past the house and saw the child he conceived, and never stopped to say hi.

He has impregnated five women due to being unfaithful. Every woman was told the same thing, “I’m here for you always”

He’s now settled down with a new family. He’s playing the daddy role with his new family. Although he’s being a ‘father’ to his new children, he still has seeds out there that need him.

In the eyes of the five women before the one he settled down with, he’s a no-good bastard and they would never send him a father’s day card. Would he be deemed worthy in YOUR eyes?

This is a fictional story, but it’s all too true for a lot of men and women.

We have men and women who don’t wan to take on the responsibility of parenting. They’d rather do other things than take care of their seeds. Some parents are down right disgusting and I don’t even want to walk on the same side of the road with them because they’re so disgraceful.

Are all mother and fathers really ‘worthy’ (to YOU- speak only for yourself. I didn’t say the kids, or anyone else) of a getting a gift on mother and father’s day.


some aren’t even worthy of a .15 card in my book!

Just because a person brung a child in the world does not make them worthy of the word mother or father. Sperm and egg donor sounds good to me LOL

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I”m tired of hearing about the pain caused by lethal injection. Lethal injection is more humane than the electric chair to me.

Please explain to me why we need to make sure the prisoner who is about to die, is comfortable before he/she dies? If you really think about it, it makes no sense. They’re about to die! Just kill’m and get it over with. It costs taxpayers too much money to administer the lethal injection. We could save a lot of money if we just put a bullet to the back of the head. Two bullets if we’re not sure one will do.

The government is going about this all wrong. It makes no sense to me at all.

I don’t agree we should have a death penalty, but since we do, it needs to be handled differently.

My proposal is to put a bullet in the back of their heads. It doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t cost much.

There would be no spectators (the victim’s family/friends and media) as if it’s a party.

I say put the prisoner to sleep first, than shoot’m. It’s just that simple.

Speaking of lethal injection. There’s a case of a man who raped his eight yr old daughter. It’s said he will get the death penalty. Some argue that’s ‘unusual’ (as in cruel and unusual punishment) and he shouldn’t get the death penalty. (unusual punishment is against the constitution)

Do you think child rapists who didn’t kill their victims (only raped them) should get death penalty?

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{March 29, 2008}   Gay Patch. Homo to Hetero

Last night I watched Medical Mysteries on 20/20. One of the medical mysteries was about children being born gay and how it might be possible to tell when they’re still in the womb.

There were two families they showed last night whose sons showed early signs of being gay. One woman showed home footage of her son and how flamboyant he was at such a young age. (six) I saw the video myself and could clearly see the femininity in him. (throwing his arms up like a girl, running and walking like a girl) He also wanted to play female roles with his mom. I know not every boy who shows feminine traits will be gay, but this is one of the signs.

Scientists as you know have not discovered this so called gay gene, but I’m confident that ’something’ will turn up. If not a gay gene, a full proof explanation as to why ’some’ people are gay (we know some choose the lifestyle)

Yeah, I know a lot of you religious folks are too ’boxed’ in to understand how someone could be born gay. You can’t wrap the concept around your brains because you have been taught for so long that homosexuality is wrong. I have news for you, a lot of what you’ve been taught is FALSE! (astrology, voodoo, Jesus, and the list goes on)

If you could step outside of that box for a moment and weigh all the facts, you can clearly see that something isn’t right. You will see that not EVERY person chooses to be gay. Why would a child at six want to dress up like a girl, play with dolls, wear dresses, etc??

You don’t want to believe. It goes against what you’ve been ’taught’ to believe. I understand all that. I used to be ’boxed’ in once too.

At one time I too believed that homosexuality was evil. It wasn’t until I saw a child grow up to be gay right before my eyes. I met this child at nine and saw signs of homosexuality in him (was too feminine , was afraid of getting hit with a ball for sports, didn’t take interest in girls) Well he’s now out of the closet and I’m sure he’s relieved.

I also have a cousin who’s now about five (he’s a twin) and he acts feminine. He wants to wear girl panties and has an interest in pocketbooks. Hmm…is he going to hell?

gay deers matingI’m not sure if the average person is aware, but animals in the wild (some) have homosexual tendencies in them. 

If an animal can be born gay, why can’t a human? (some say gay animals is a myth)

How did animals become gay? Did they learn it from humans?

Of course not!

Isn’t it fair to say the environment plays a role?

Zoologist, biologists, etc are trying to keep this under the rug. (some) It’s not to be spoken of.

What are people so afraid of?

Hypothetical Question:

Let’s say for argument’s sake it was discovered people were born gay. If it could be detected if a child is going to be gay or not while in the womb and a patch (the woman would wear while pregnant) could reverse the child’s sexual orientation (homosexual to heterosexual), would you agree to the patch?



{March 25, 2008}   This is America, Speak English
Fair or Unfair??

speak english

This was one of AOL’s front page news articles. To read the full article, click here.

I’m not even sure how to feel about this.

Commissioners Roxanne E. Covington and Burt Siegel voted to dismiss the complaint, finding that the sign does not communicate that business will be “refused, withheld or denied.”

It might not say those ’exact’ words (business will not be refused or denied), but that’s what I would think if I didn’t speak English. I think he’s saying to non-English speaking persons, “I don’t want your business if you don’t speak English” (subliminally)
We all know it will deter people who don’t speak English from coming to the shop. So if he’s not trying to ’deny’ business to a certain group of people, why put the sign up?

If you went to France, and saw a sign that said, “Speak French when ordering” and your only language is English, would you feel like you’re not welcomed?

This can open doors for something like Black Codes.

I just don’t like it. If you are not going to deny services, than it sounds like a contradiction to say “Speak English when ordering.”
He knows people are not going to come in if they don’t speak English.

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget he also has another sign that says, ’Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Service.”

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